Today I'm sharing a story with you from one of my former clients Nill Silver.  You may know him as the own of Greenville Headshots.

He came to me looking for serious results.  Simply put, he wanted to transform his body.

In 3 months time, with three 30-minute workouts per week and a customized nutrition plan, he dropped 54 lbs!

He lost a total of 13% body fat, 8 inches off his waist, and 27 inches overall.

His strength and flexibility has improved as well. 

A rapid approach like this isn't right for everyone. 

In fact, I'd argue that it isn't right for most people. 

For Nill, it worked.  It gave him the kickstart that he needed to transform his body. 

He's now got a sweet man-cave equipped with fitness gear and he's maintained his progress.

Nill is a great example of someone who was willing to take ownership of his situation, make tough decisions, create some new habits, and follow through.

Here is his story:

JASON: What got you to contact me in the first place?

NILL: "All my life, as far as I remember myself, I was overweight. I wasn't really really really fat, but when I look at myself I knew that I had extra weight that I was caring with me every day which was not supposed to be on my bones.

I Think I was OK with this for too long. I did ask God many times to help me with this, and then finally I heard a clear answer, “Nill!!! Hire a trainer!!!!”

I knew that my time was running out because I have heard that after 40 it is really hard to transform yourself, so being 37 I thought it's a great time to begin."

JASON: Before working with me, what was your biggest struggle or frustrations?

NILL: "Month after month I realized that I'm getting a little bit bigger ounce by ounce, inch by inch. I did a detox and diet on my own here and there. I remember I'd lose 15 pounds, kind of feel great about it, but as soon as two week pass by and jump into my old habits and I’d gain back probably more than I had lost."

JASON: How did your struggle or frustrations affect your life? What did you feel like before you made your transformation?

NILL: "By looking at myself in a mirror I thought “I'm fine, I'm not too fat, there's much bigger people around me”, also I thought that I was never going to get skinny because I am who I am and I have to live with this.

I remember one morning as I sat in the car with my daughter, she turned to me,  looked at me for a while and said, “Dad.... you are seriously fat!”

Did I think it was mean? Yes, but it was so true."

JASON: How did my program help you?

NILL: "I realize that by following directions and if you stick to it, everything is possible, even if all your life you thought it Is not."

JASON: How is life different for you now?

NILL: "Oh my gosh are you kidding me?

I can put my socks on without catching a breath after it, when you’re walking out of the shower you don't have to be afraid that towel that you wrap around yourself will fall, (of course you can use a bigger towel) :)

More energy, clear head, and my daughters don't call me fat anymore. Last time we went on the beach she actually complimented me. She said “Dad, it looks like you're the skinniest guy on the beach.”

I have a feeling now that I can do anything! And this is just the beginning for me!"

JASON: What’s your favorite thing about my program?

NILL: "I was really afraid in the beginning that I'm not gonna be able to do it, but it was much easier than I thought even though I chose the hardest way to do it."

Nill's Story

In 3 months time, with three 30-minute workouts per week and A customized nutrition PLAN, he dropped 54 lbs!

Nill - After Left Side View

Nill - Before Left Side View

Nill - Before Front View

Nill - After Front View