“The desire to succeed needs to be stronger than the fear of failure.” 
― Gary Mack, Mind Gym

If you have knowledge that can help people

live a better, more fulfilling life then you have an obligation to share it with the world.

Thank you for visiting my site. 

My name is Jason Nutting. I live with my wife and two fur-babies at our home in Traveler's Rest.

 I'm a fitness professional from Greenville, SC and that's where I do most of my coaching.

I've been helping others eat, move, and live better professionally for over a decade.  

It's my passion and it's what I do full time for a living.

Here's a very brief overview of my approach:

1. It's Behavior-Based Coaching

I focus on helping people change behaviors versus chasing outcomes.  Outcomes are important, and we get dialed in on that too by setting goals, but it's your behavior that ultimately determines your success.  

To put it another way, it's your habits that dictate the results that you see. It is why I will focus on helping you develop the skill sets for lasting change and improvement.

Every few weeks I'll make your program more challenging or more manageable to keep your progress moving in the right direction.

2. It's Client-Centered Coaching

My number one priority is to help you eat, move, and live better.  It's really that simple. I'm focused on you.

This program is about prioritizing yourself to a certain degree in order to be happy and fulfill your inner needs. It's time for you to focus on being the best version of yourself - mentally, physically, emotionally and spiritually.

I'll ask questions, listen, and together we will come up with a game plan to reach your goals.

I've seen it over and over again.  When you get better, everything gets better.

3. It's Results-Oriented Coaching

Most people can typically be put into one of three categories.  They want to either look better, feel better, or perform better.

We won't be doing a "workout of the day" or just doing an exercise because it's trendy, seen in a magazine, tough to do, or looks cool.

We will be doing what you need to do based on the latest scientific evidence, adapted to your unique personal wants and preferences, in order for you to follow through consistently to achieve the results that you desire.

This is a custom coaching and training program, built on a foundation of proven principles, and designed to get you to your goals.

We'll focus on progress over perfection, and on incremental consistent improvement over time.

My personal training, nutrition coaching, and online coaching programs have established me with a reputation as the go-to expert for clients and athletes looking for serious results.

When doing it on your own or group training and classes don't work, I'm here to show you the way.  

To get started, the first step is to send me a message to schedule a 60-minute meeting to go over your goals and see how I can help you achieve them.